Texas Players Make Jam For Seniors

WakWay TX Players Limited Editions

The WakWay Farm has invited athletes to create their own limited edition jams. Each jar has been personally signed by its maker and named. Take a look at these one-of-a-kind flavors, because when they're gone...they're gone. (GET ON THE EMAIL PRE-SALE LIST below to ensure you get your players jams) 

Limited Edition

Jams, Honey, and Nut Butters

Enjoy some of the many Jelly Queen's unique jams and jellies, as well as Ground Up's most popular nut butter, spread flavors. Unique jams, jellies, and spreads that are sure to leave you wanting to test their next flavor.

Jams and Nut Butters

Spice Blends

The Jelly Queens has also created some the the most amazing spice blends.  Each were created to add quick, rich flavors to any dish.  Perfect for pasta, meats, and veggies, these spices are all natural and MSG free.

Spice Blends


The WakWay Farm Panty has found snacks that taste amazing, along with their community stories. They are not only great flavor, but saving the world.


Aprons and Housewares


Lemonade Collection

Coming soon is the WakWay Farm Pantry's Lemonade collection. We are excited to showcase everything from Lisa's Lemonade, lemon candles, raspberry lemonade soap, lemonade marmalade, and more.